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ways to make money online in 2019

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Do you want to make $200 to $300 USD per day?
So we’re going to keep losses gathering itself when making a ridiculous amount of money.
All right? Basically what I’m leveraging is first and foremost called affiliate marketing. If you don’t understand what is affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is just when you are the middle man. So there is a vendor, somebody who owns the product, then there is an affiliate’s, someone who actually promote the product and then they’re in the middle, right? The affiliate, and then there is the person who buys the product. So you’re the middle man who gets the person who owns the product. You can get the person who buys the product together, right? And you get compensated to do that. So in essence, it’s kind of like the real estate agent, the home buyer, and then the person who owns the home. So to get those people together and get that transaction to take place, they get paid a percentage of the cell.
But instead of 3% like a real estate agent with high ticket sales, I get paid 100% commissions on this offer, and it has five different income streams. Now have I been, making cells with this first and foremost, guys, you need to find a product that solves a problem. So in essence, this one solves the problem of people who try to walk away from their nine to five people who don’t want to work a job anymore. If people who like to live life on their terms, right? And they need the education and the skill set to do so. So what happens is this product solves that problem, right? The first thing that I need to do is I need to find people who are having that problem, right? Find people who are having that problem and figure out who your ideal clients are and where they are.

So there are so many places to find those people right now. Facebook and Youtube. So I’m leveraging by Youtube to create content actually to attract those people to me, right? Because they consume my content. And after they consume our content, I make an offer of the product which can solve that problem. So an example, I might make a video on how to make money online in 2019 and then I’m going to attract those types of people in my life. People obviously who want to make money on the line, this product can teach them that skill set, right? Find where those people are who had this problem, provide the product that solves that problem, meet the two together. You get paid a commission. Number two is Facebook ads. So with Facebook ads, you can go ahead and target people based off of their likes and interests.
So instead of like Youtube where your primarily attracting people to you through free organic traffic, you can go directly to the consumer. But instead of just like putting like a TV ad or a radio ad, what’s cool is it’s extremely targeted. So I can see people who liked stuff like digital marketing or things about work from home jobs. Or I can find these likes and interest on Facebook. I can display my ass in front of them. And then what happens is I can get them to take action through my automation process, which is a whole other, uh, video within itself. And then when they take action, right? They buy the product, and I get paid a commission. So with that being said, guys, this is the name of the game. You have to find a product that solves a problem within a specific niche.wealth creation

You have to figure out, okay, where are these people at and how can I get this product in front of them? And then what happens is when the percentage of those people make a purchase, you get paid to be the middleman that you’re probably thinking, well, I don’t have the training. I don’t know this skill set, and I don’t have the product. Right? That’s where this comes in. I’m down below; I have a free course, right? There’s going to be a link across the, uh, the screen where you can buy the product, right? And when you buy the product, you’re going to be able to invest in the different levels of education, and that different levels of education are going to go in and teach you the skill set. And what’s cool is you can license yourself to sell this product and get paid a 100% commissions. Right now if you want additional training which we’ll teach you how I’m currently promoting this product and getting results, right? So would that being said, hopefully, the guys gain value from that.subscribe in our mailing list now.

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