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Make more money in 2019: increase your digital conversion and sales

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how to dramatically increase your digital conversion and sales? So, let’s get started. First, I would like to build a simple conversion sequence. And we are working with like ten percent conversion here. For argument sake, let’s say you run an online store and you sell T-Shirts. You want people to buy a particular T-Shirt. So you run an Ad. The Ad reached 100,000 people. With a ten percent conversion, we can say ten thousand individuals clicked on the Ad to come to the product page. They came to the product page, they read about the product, and then another ten percent conversion which means a 1,000 people added it to cart. One hundred persons checked out and ten percent which means ten persons eventually paid. So 100,000 saw the ad, 10,000 clicked through to your page. 1,000 added to cart, 100 got to the payment page. And then ten persons finally buy. When I speak to brand teams or marketing teams or sales leads Or even business owners who are running a similar type of campaign, they base the success or the failure on that campaign on the ten persons that eventually bought. So, if ten persons bought, and the revenue is enough to cover the cost of the campaign it is a success if not, it is a failure. And that is where the problem is because thinking about it. The ten percent Yes, they said yes now, to that particular campaign and to that particular product, but there is a ninety percent audiences or prospects that are also somewhat interested but did not make the final buy, and while doing that particular process, they said no I believe they did not say never. Maybe they said no not now, and then you need to start thinking about digital strategies and campaign ideas you can run to transform more people from the ninety percent to become customers who buy because the numbers are huge. Compared to 10 there are 9,990 people that you could potentially still transform. Let me tell you something about the ten percent or the ten persons that eventually bought. That morning, they knew they had a problem wanted to get T-Shirts because they are going for an event. A straightforward dress-down event. And so they checked their bank account, and they have money to pay for it they picked up their card, put it in their wallet, put it in their bag put it in their car, and they set out about their day. Not just that, They made sure their phones charged, they have their laptops had connectivity, access to the internet, And they were waiting for the person that will serve them the perfect Ad to be able to make this buy. Guess what? You did. You served them the Ad, and they clicked on it, went to the website. They loved everything you described that T-Shirt they filled in their details, whipped out their card, and they made the payment. And that is it. You made a sale. But here is the reality most people that will buy from you are not like that. They live real lives. They go to work. They are concerned that their boss would come to their desk, and see that they are browsing your site. They have mobile phones, but they are probably also driving. They have kids who will scream and shout and demand food. They have other things to live. Spouses who complain that they are always on the computer, They live real lives. What that means is at different points in time, they can get distracted. They may be interested in that product that you are selling, but customers are also equally living real lives and distract that they couldn’t complete the process. And so, they May say NO but it does not mean NEVER. They are saying NO, NOT RIGHT NOW and if that is the case what are you doing? to eventually turn them back into customers who buy. I am going to explain four things you can do.

make money onlineNo 1 – RE-TARGETING! So Facebook, Google, different Ad platforms have given opportunities now for marketers to re-target their audiences So whenever someone has an interface with your Ad, they come to visit your pages They are checking something on your website, you can re-target them Just To get them to take the very next step that they have not taken before. Some of your prospects will be thankful that you are thoughtful enough to think about them and serve them the Ad again that helps them to continue the process that they have already started. That is No 1. No 2 is – Cart Abandonment Sequences or Automation where you help people who have added things to cart but did not eventually check out to go back to check out. And I have seen retailers do this in different ways. Including waiting a few days. Some seven days, some 14 days. And I have seen retailers do this in different ways. Including waiting a few days. Some seven days, some 14 days. And then they send a coupon code or a discount code to that person to say ‘Hey, you can check out now here is an additional ten percent discount. By this idea you can transform them into customers who buy No 3 – Another thing you can do is – EXIT INTENT POP UPS And these are pop-ups that approach when someone is about to abandon your website or a page. While some people do not like pop-ups, this helps you to force the prospect to think about their action. It could be a mistake that they are trying to close. Maybe their boss was coming and needed to exit very quickly. Or Maybe the kids are crying or mistakenly just hit close on their mobile phones. An exit intent pop up allows you to help them think about the actions they are about to take. That is one. Another thing it does is, you can offer them something cheaper or something free that exchanges whatever it is you are offering with their details, and then you can reach out back to them at a later date. Another you can do is offer a LEAD MAGNET or CONTENT UPGRADE. Now, this might change the actual sequence of your funnel. So for example, instead of sending the 100,000 potential prospects that you are reaching with your Ad to the product page, you can send them to a content page where you have a survey or an e-book talking about how different body types match different kinds of styles of T-Shirts. And so they give their details in exchange for that information, And then you can send them to the product page after. One reason why this can also work is the fact that even if they do not eventually buy You already have their details and you can re-market them. Using other digital tools.
The core is this: The ten percent is great to have, but there are so many more people in the ninety percent that would love to buy from you. However, somehow, they probably just got distracted along the way, and if you have a strategy to transform them into customers who obtain, your conversion can go from ten percent up to 30, 40% Just by putting things in place to transform those people that are saying No Not Right Now. Instead of assuming that they are saying No. I hope that helps you. If you know someone who needs to read this article tag them in the comment, share with them and if you have questions as well, please ask them. And if you’d like to reach out to look through your funnel or your marketing campaign Hey, I will be willing to do that as well. You take care and have a wonderful week.

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