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make money with Instagram-how to become an Instagram influencer basics part 1

In this article, I want to write about how to become an Instagram influencer. So many people ask me how to become an “influencer.” Also, let me talk to you first off, what does being an influencer mean? An influencer is somebody who has influence. Who can influence buying decisions, which can affect somebody’s opinion on something Who has a sway because they have grown an audience and now has the attention of that audience and now can influence them that is basically what an influencer is. So regardless if you have 1,000 followers or 50,000 followers, you have an ability to influence their decisions, so my very first influencer campaign was actually done on Twitter I got paid $200 by Intel for one tweet about AI (artificial intelligence) then I moved on and graduated to work on campaigns on Facebook then I did Instagram, this one, for example, is one that I worked on with my friend from high school actually he opened a store and I helped him promote his products in a fun and creative way as you can see. So the first thing I would like you to do is make a list of everything that you use daily products that you use, monthly products that you use, that you would recommend to a friend or buddy or family member these are the things that you want to start off with, for example, what I suggest is I use Daisy Cup which is a menstrual cup every single month that is how you can build authenticity because it is something that you already use not a product that you want to use or anything like that, but something that is pretty natural in your every day life.
Number 2, make sure that the product is high caliber or high quality, and it is not something you can gain everywhere else, for example, I use this LED light, which is a red light therapy for anti-aging every single day so it is something that you can not find everywhere it is not something that everyone sells or are qualified to sell so if you use VIPLADYBOSS all in caps, you can actually get this for 30% off so that is how people and brands will be able to track your sales, that is how you can track your sales yourself, and that is how you can see how influential you genuinely are so for this particular company I make them about 3 grand a month you can see this is my January sales report, I make 10% so that is $300 in passive income every single month and this is my February report, the same thing, they pay me in checks which is super old school, but that is how they do it so. So let’s look at an example on my Instagram “To change the world, we have to encourage people to transform the way they see things.” and my caption here is, “I am a huge advocate for @blabla.. because they are changing the world by helping the environment. I’ve been using menstrual cups for about a decade now for this very reason, but everyone I talk to is scared to try them for some reason? Perhaps because it’s “different” or “foreign,” but that’s silly, do not be scared of a little reusable silicone instead you should be terrified of the waste that you’ll produce in your lifetime from the number of pads and tampons you’ll go through! Like if you agree!
moreover, get your daisy cup here, and I list out my affiliate link as well so from this post I got an incredible response, Kirsten was like “Amen sister, is this your favorite one?” I was like yup, thanks got to my affiliate link here check it out, she is like thank you, and then my daisy cup is like thank you, please let us know what you think, and then Kirsten bought it she said I just ordered one, can not wait to try it! Purchasing power is what brands look for that is what makes your profile super super powerful The second thing I want you to start doing is start thinking of your Instagram page as a resume or something that you can showcase to brands on what you can do, for example everything that I produce is all done on templates so I create everything in Canva.com, which is a free platform that you can use to create templates and graphics in general and I just drag and drop my images in there and then I pair a cool or fun or inspirational quote along with my images so brands know exactly what to expect when they decide to work with me, for example look at this one over here, it says “Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction” what I am talking about here is the comfortable energy duvet that I am sleeping on over here now notice how I have also tagged, Jewel Osco, TJ Maxx, Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and of course the Healthy Line Shop as well in order to set me up for the next campaign that I might want to pitch TJ Maxx or something like that so if you make it very very clear exactly how you structure everything, exactly how you work it performs it clear for brands to work with you, which brings me to my last point of how to make money on Instagram so you notice how throughout this article I was talking about my affiliate links, promo codes, these are ways to track your sales and so every single time you make a sale you make a little slice or commission off of that sale now once you get to an influencer status, once you start understanding what it is that your audience likes who is your audience and different things like that, you can then start your own store like I have which this dress that I am wearing is actually from.
The next step of becoming an influencer and creating your brand and selling your products so that in essence, in a nutshell, is the very basics of how to become an Instagram influencer if you found this helpful, please comment with your thoughts.