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make money online with eBay 2019 – how to start selling on eBay

Do you want to make some cash? I am going to give you three tips on how you can do the same thing I did and how I started. I am going to give you a little background story. How I started what to avoid and just selling on eBay and Amazon, Anything in eCommerce is the same. So what do I mean by that once you get the hang of selling something on Amazon? it is the same thing is selling something on eBay. It is the same thing as selling something on Shopify. There is just a slight difference, but everything is the same concept. We are just talking about one eBay account .not counting my Amazon sales not counting my other two eBay accounts I have several accounts because like I told you if this one gets shut down my other bigger accounts are still running making me money, so Do not put all your eggs in one basket. This is just something that I teach in the course as you know I have been doing this for years. So I have experience in this I Hundred of thousands per month. This is just one account. Moreover, it is just eBay as you can see here. So, what does that mean? It means that I started from zero. That means you can get to this point in even more. Although at first, it might seem to be a little bit far-fetched. It can be possible especially if you have to say like a Rich Dad or rich mom that is willing to invest with you as long as you get educated and know the principles, that is all that matters, but, so you did not see here. Just that is the sales a couple thousand and one accounts. Now, this accountant has two hundred and eleven products. That is a tip. Number three. We are going to start at number three and then two, and then the most important one here is you have to start with one product. However, as you grow to expand, your products get more in your inventory. Moreover, of course, the more products you have, the more money you are going to make. Now if you are thinking that you are going to get just one product and you are going to be making hundreds of thousands, Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are very slim. So if you want to make some serious money. The first thing that you have to do is one start with one product. Then move on and expand that. So just three months this stuff sells We are looking obviously a lot more if you combine all my cells through Ebay my eBay accounts Amazon, of course, as I have specialized at Amazon left I also saw me bait because why not it is free sales the money’s there – wallet just scrape it and collect it. So We have to tip number two is similar to is. You are probably asking yourself. How can I make one hundred thousand or two thousand bucks in a month? well, the answer is you have got first to make your first thousand. How do you expect to make two thousand in one month if you can not even make a thousand? So start small these numbers I count. I just slowly built them up. It takes time unless you have a large twenty behind you. It is going to take some time. That is the reality. That is the truth. So is it possible? Yes, you can not do it unless you have some money that you have been saving up or rich Uncle that I can let you borrow some money this Can either take you a year two years or a week two weeks? Why because it all depends on how much money you have behind it how much money you are putting into it? Now this is just one of my accounts. But if you combine all my accounts, it is way more than this and what I am striving to say here Is that when I first started I would have never Just pictured me making this much ever, so That leads me to tip number one Which is get started because many people they just see this see higher numbers see other people are making a lot more a lot less and They just say some day some day. They never start. They get discouraged, or like this isn’t for me for whatever reason, they do not have the money. So if you are thinking like oh This cannot ever picture myself making 60 grand in just one month well let me tell you that I couldn’t either but slowly, but surely I started and Now it is just like whatever I just saw no emotions because it is just the number to me Once you have a process built in the money’s just going to start raining in so what does that mean? Means get started start small do not expect to get rich overnight because it is not going to happen. Can you make money? Yes, well, they take some time. Yes, by the way if you are interested but still a little bit sketched out like oh I do not know how to start with two what products you pick would like So on eBay on Amazon all that is covered in a course that I am teaching One on one you basically get to look over my entire process of picking products selling and putting on for smell tips and tricks I have all that covered in the course now most of our articles here. They are not as educational as The things I cover in the course because I just do not want to bore bodies and I give into a lot more detail and at the same time I do not want to give away all my secrets Just to the public because it is going to saturate my products and as well as just my method of How I get products and how I just negotiate what suppliers you are low rates Get meager rates on taxes and what to do to avoid paying taxes all those things I cover that in the course if you are interested in subscribing to our mailing list Link for the course and all that in the description. So like I was saying tip number one is get started now if you are a student right now just a single mom having them like it does not matter First thing you have to do if we start thinking all about products this and that you have first. First to subscribe and get more education, whatever you do watch our articles get one before you anything you are not You do not even need to have $1 Why because you can have a million bucks and not know what to do with them? it is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have it and to have an opportunity and not prepared. So What does that mean? It means to get educated right now with eBay Amazon all these everything. I am teaching learn as much as you can in the meantime Start getting your paper upstart getting your money yes, start making some money slowly but surely build that up and then once your knowledge and your income your money reaches to the same level which it is all it depends on the individual whenever you think oh, I am ready like already click the course I am ready to start whatever that level Maybe in a rich That is when you invest that money immediately because you have to take action This what you see in front of me, I would have never had if I had just sat on my hands and not taking action, No, I first I was a little bit scared the first product that I ever sold on eBay. I was a little bit frightened that I was going to lose it. Because I had never sold it and I was selling I think such as iPhone I was a phone or something, it was a phone app or an iPod point is I was fearful I was going to lose it. However, I was like, you know what screw it. What’s the risk of what to tell you I listed and sold it. Everything went fine, And then I figured wow this works It makes you money, and once you learn the basic steps once you learn the secrets It just repeats rinse and repeats rinse repeat in one product. Got you one. So your first party gives you this. It is not many money But then you add another product they get you this when they have two products and them can you this okay? We are getting a little bit better. So now you have you can hang off it. You have three products. Let’s go now you made this You get the point of its fourth products per month. You are just compounding your money, and that is all that matters because you are just increasing it. So I hope these three tips Helped you out. If you read this for you are interested. You are we interested in making money learning more so subscribe, and That said to stay tuned until the next article send me anything or any questions that you may have about just selling online, the eCommerce business. It was not so long ago before when I was dead broke.