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make money online with a virtual assistant

How does your agency handle things when every client needs something at once? The solution can only be summed up in 2 letters: V. A.
Let me teach you how to use a Virtual Assistant to manage all the clients for your agency so you can take on more clients and scale faster. For more outsourcing expert tips and advice on how to scale your agency profitably, subscribe to our mailing list and be updated with a new article every week. When you outsource specific tasks to highly qualified Virtual Assistants, like the fantastic VAs that we have at Outsourcing Angel, you will stay on top of all the urgent client demands PLUS turn more leads into sales faster. To do this, I recommend breaking up your VA tasks into five key stages:
Your agency is probably collecting leads from multiple channels such as Website forms & live chat Emails Social media ads & messages. Your VA should be given access to these leads as they come through so that they can: Enter the data into your database or CRM system then contact the points via email and book them in for a consult. Once your VA has finalized consult bookings and contacted the leads, they can then update the CRM system so that your team knows the status of each lead. While your VA is busy doing the admin work, your efforts can be focused on winning the lead while your VA does the admin work for you.


Another task that our VAs help a lot of agencies with is Account Management. Your VA can issue the invoices, follow up on payments and send receipts to clients so that you can keep the wheels in motion for the project. This will also mean that invoices will be paid on time and nothing falls between the cracks in terms of company cash flow. At Outsourcing Angel, the software we use for Accounts is Xero, Stripe, and Receipt back. Our VA uses Xero to issue and reconcile invoices. They can set our clients on credit card payments using Stripe, and every time I have an invoice for expenses I forward to our VA to upload the receipts into ReceiptBank. ReceiptBank allows you to import receipts easily.
Once you’ve won over the lead and they are officially your client, your VA can help you manage client projects by Preparing client briefs or proposals. Project managing the deliverables with your team or other VAs We recommend using project management tools like Asana, Trello, Basecamp – or whatever you find is the most flexible software for your local staff, your VAs, and your clients to use together. The tool that we use at Outsourcing Angel is Basecamp. We started using it and have stuck with it for years as we got used to using it and knew how to use it well. You can test out each of the Project Management tools mentioned, as usually they give you a free trial for some time and see which ones you find easy to use. So by now, we’ve only covered three stages, but there are already so many tasks that a Virtual Assistant can support you with to handle multiple clients for you. What is the one task you currently do for your clients that you wish you can have someone else to do? Comment below. Ok now onto the last two stages of the client management process.
When all your deliverables have been finalized and approved, your VA can liaise with the client and secure that they are happy with the results. Once the work has been delivered to the client at their standard, your VA can then assist in generating any reports that may be required to offer more value and insight to your clients. Your VA is also able to produce internal reports for your agency so that you can gauge important information such as many leads, conversions, booked consults and more.
Let’s talk about something called the ‘RIMBA Experience. This is an Outsourcing Angel term that we use for everything we do for clients to go above and beyond the required customer service to make them happy. You can also ask your VA to implement this ‘RIMBA Experience’ for your clients by doing things like asking the clients for special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming milestones and recording this in your CRM system. Your VA can then organize a special gift or surprise for your client when these dates occur so that they feel extra special and your agency will leave a lasting impression on them. This will help you generate not just repeat services with the client but also word of mouth leads.