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Make Money Online with 5 easy fast online jobs that pay with paypal in 2019

Here, I am going to be bringing you five new websites that you can use to make a little bit of money online. You can do all of these jobs from your home, sitting on your sofa or whatever you want to do. So none of these jobs guys, and not going to get you rich, okay? But these are all a nice little bit of extra money on the side, They don’t take much work, and they pay directly into your PayPal accounts. So, before we get into this, please don’t forget to check out our mailing list. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship and making money online, subscribe to our mailing list.

easy-online-jobs1) www.humanatic.com
The one you can see the link on your screen renting right now, click that. That’s going to take you to some free training. It’ll teach you how I’m making a full-time passive income online. So if you’re interested in that, click that link and, get taken to this. So, without further ado, let’s get into this article, and I’ll show you five websites that you can use to work from home and get paid into PayPal. All right guys. So the first website that I want to show you is this one on your screen right now. I haven’t shown you this one before. It’s a new one that I’ve found for you guys in this called Humanatic. So what this website does, it says right here, you review calls, and you get paid to do it directly into your PayPal account. Very, very simple. You listen to a phone call like a pre-recorded phone call, you know when you call the bank or something like that, and you get, you’re speaking to a robot, you base getting to be reviewing that kind of calls, You’ll answer, you’ll record, you’ll listen to a call, you’ll review it, and you’ll get paid for doing that. As simple as that is not much more to say about this.
You’ve got a frequently asked questions. If there’s anything you require to know about this, you can go onto the website or link. There’ll be underneath my number one recommendation. You can click on the frequently asked questions, and they’ve got all the questions that you want to know. So, how do I get paid? As I said, they pay you directly into your PayPal account.
You can take them out if you won. How much money can I make it? Probably the one you all want to know. And like I said, these websites, they are not going to get you rich at all. The case of this one right here, as you can see, you can make anywhere from $1 to $4.50 an hour depending on your skill and accuracy. So you to get to get a $4.50 per hour. Not great money guys, but it is a method that you can use to make some money online if you want. Like I said, not going to get you rich, but if you’re looking for a few extra days, a few extra bucks per day, this will be great for you. You can get up to $4.50 hour with this website. Humanatic, check it out, listen to phone calls, review them. It takes a couple of minutes to do it, and you’re good to go. You’ll get paid to do that.

2) www.rev.com
All right, let’s move on to the second website, and that’s going to be rev.com, so what this website does, they pay you for stuff like transcribing and adding subtitles and things like that. So people have businesses whenever they come here with maybe a podcast, maybe a short movie that they’ve made, a youtube video, anything like that. And they will want captions on the new; there’s some title of stuff like that. So you can be one of these people who type out, you’ll listen to the podcast or watch the video. You’ll hear it, and you’ll type out everything that you hear. So a good thing to have with this job would be some good typing skills. The faster you can type, the better you’re going to do in, the more money you’re going to make with this website. If you go to their about page and I’ll show you the different things that you can do on your own and the various pages that you can get to click on about, you’ve got to freelance of precisely what we’re going to want to do.
We’re going to want to be one of these freelancers. So once you’re on this freelancers page, guys, you can scroll down here, and you can see all the four different jobs that they offer on rev.com okay, so starting with this one transcriptionist, this is the one I described. You listen to audio and video and type. What is being said? This one pays around 36 cents all the way up to 65 cents per minute. Okay? That’s per minute. So imagine getting like a 30-minute video. You can get some good money from that. Captioner watch video and Korean timed caption in sync with the video. This one pays a little bit more of a 75 cents per video minute subtitle it and translate it. These are the ones that get paid a lot because these are explicitly spent on people who have the ability to speak more than one language, get English as well as another language.
So this one, watch the video and translate captions from English to another language. This one pastes up to $3 per minute. So imagine having a 30-minute video that’s $90 for you in 30 minutes. Very, very well paid to be a subtitle. So if you can speak another language, sign up for that one’s going to be perfect for you. And the last one as well, a translator is going to be translating documents from one language to another. And this one pays up to 7 cents per word. Okay? That’s per word. So again, well paying. If you can speak another language, guys, sign up to this one because you’re going to get a lot of money from this. And again, they pay directly into your PayPal accounts. So this one can be done anywhere in the world by anyone. If you can, if you’re from India, you can speak two languages, English and your native language, it’s going to be perfect for you guys.
3) www.mindswarms.com
Number three that I want to show you is this one is called Mindswarms. A case of this one, you’re going to be doing mobile video surveys as you can see right here. And the reason you’re going to be doing mobile video surveys; is because the companies that do these studies, they call them around here, they want to see your facial reactions, like if they’re going to see any significant signs that you give off when you’re going through any of the stuff that they have to you, maybe a website, logo, things like that. Okay? But this website paid very, very well. So if you click on participants, and here we get taken to this website and companies would pay to hear your insights recorded via video on your smartphone, tablet or Webcam, Webcam.

So within inherent nuances that video brings, help them understand you better so they can shape products, advertising, design, naming and apps and all sorts of things that they are working. Legacy guys, maybe they’re given a look, give, showing you a logo or some different names of different company names that they’re thinking. Absolutely anything at all. They want to see your reactions to them. That’s where you’re going to be doing, uh, doing this on a video. So you can scroll down here and look at the Pe guys. We pay you $50 via PayPal for every study that you complete. This one pays very, very well. You’re just going to be recording a video. As I said, you can do this on your phone, you can do this on your tablet, or you can do it on the computer. It’s entirely up to you how you want to do it.

You supply for a study; you record yourself. Answering the questions that the, that they give to you and you get paid for a good for giving your opinion, adorable way to make some money guys. And like I said, they pay pretty well. $50 per test is not bad money you. So check this one up, guys. This one is over .mainswarms.com all right.

4) www.myappaware.com
And here we go with website number four. This one’s called my app aware. You could fire up my app aware.com so with this one guy, came out, similar to the last one mind swarms. You’re just going to be giving your opinion on things. And this one is going to be reviewing specific apps. Okay? So you’re not going to be doing video reviews with this one is just going to be written reviews about apps.
Very, very easy than on pay as well because he is just writing a simple review. But it’s a lot easier guys; you download an APP. Sometimes you will have to pay for these apps. They are paid apps, but any of them that are paid, they will reimburse you for that. So don’t worry about it guys. Okay. They don’t pay much at all. Okay. As I said, you can see it down here. You get a $1 by writing honest APP reviews and earn $3 by playing and testing iPhone apps. So this is an easy way to make money. Just play on your phone downloads of apps when you’re downplaying or write a review about it and a submitted on here, and you’ll get paid for that. Like I said, sometimes you have to pay for the APP that maybe 50 cents or a dollar or something around that you have to pay for it, but that will be reimbursed to use of, don’t worry guys, another nice one.

It might be app aware, haven’t shown you this website before. I’m pretty sure it absolutely anybody can do this one. So check it out too if a bill available for you, go to the website, read the Faq over here. This will answer absolutely. Any questions that you, uh, have. Okay. It’s pretty long. So I’m not going to go through it all. But uh, yeah, Lincoln description down below so you can check this out. My App, a wet, uh, yeah, check this one out. Close. Alright, and here we go.

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5) www.usertesting.com
The fifth and final website that I want to show you. So this user testing, I’ve shown you this one in numerous different articles, but I’m just pointing this one just in case people are having seen my other videos because I think this one genuinely is one of the best ways to make some decent money on land.
Again, you’re not going to make huge amounts of money, but these ones are, this one is legit, and they pay you pretty well. So what are you going to be doing with user-testing is you’re going to be testing out of websites, and you’ll be recording, your screen will be recorded while you’re doing it and you speak your mind allowed. Okay? They’ll give you some tasks to complete. So, uh, businesses like you can see down here, Walmart, Facebook, I’ve done someone here for like Nike and Adidas that sometimes they will add a new feature to their website or something like that and they want to test it to see if it’s like an easy to use and stuff like that. They want people’s opinions. So they will give you a task to complete on their new features on their website, and they will want you to speak your mind allowed.
So you’d be like, they’ll give you a task like, Oh, find them, find the customers button on the website. Sometimes some of my comfortable like that. And they’re straightforward tasks. So you’d be like, you’d be just speaking your mind like, Oh yeah, I’m looking on the website and right now, I can’t, oh, okay. I found the customer’s button, and I’m going to click on that and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay. You speak your mind, express what you’re doing. Very, very easy to do. So you can get, you can start here by clicking get paid to test. So once you click on this, this is where you can sign up. Okay? So they’ve got some tests that do pay $60 per test. These are like live tests and they last about 30 to 40 minutes around there. You get paid $60 for that.
So you’ll be live like on a live call with somebody, and there’ll be testing you ought to like live. So these pay a lot more. But the most, the majority of the tests are these here. Okay. They pay $10, they say for every 20-minute video, but they’re not guys. Most of the ones that I’ve done on here, they take anywhere between like five to 10 minutes at most, maybe 15 I’ve never had on the stock 20 minutes, but they all pay $10 no matter how long it takes you, they will pay you $10 and they pay one week, uh, from when you finished the test. So if I end a test right now, there’s 2:52 PM on the 11th of January, they would pay me exactly one week from now. So 2:52 PM on the 18th of January, I would get paid for their tests that we, you just competed.

So if you’re doing these all day, like regularly all day, every day, you’re going to get an income every single day directly into your PayPal account. Very, very lovely way to make money. And there’s plenty of websites just like this, and I’m not going to show you all of them have got some other videos on a challenge showing me different sites, but there are plenty of testing websites just like this one. I recommend signing up to a few of them. Okay, so you can get tests or every day if you signed up to one, you’ll maybe get like two or three tests per date and 20-30 bucks a day. If you signed up to like five of these testing websites, you could easily earn over a hundred dollars per day just from testing some sites sitting on your computer. Very, very easy guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you did, please don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for more future content, teaching you how to make some money online.