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how to make massive money with your expertise in 2019

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Are you an expert? You can earn money much easier than you think.
If you are a trained or an expert in just about anything, with the power of the Internet, starting a lucrative side hustle is now simpler than ever. In this article, I will explain some viable ideas you can monetize your expertise. Moreover, since these methods complement each other, be sure to read the very end for all the steps on how accurately to make money with these methods the most effective. So without further ado, let’s get right into the essay! First, we have consulted. Now, individuals and businesses wanting to speak to an expert can find one online through one of the numerous marketplaces that have sprung up. By setting a profile through any of these or multiple sites, such as Clarity.fm, Zeqr.com, and even Fiverr and Upwork, you can schedule calls with and get paid for sharing your advice and expertise with others. Some of the sites, like Zeqr.com, set you up with a built-in video conference platform.

how to make massive money 2019All in all, talking to and advising people about something you are already very good at and are passionate about can be a low effort and even enjoyable way to make money as a side hustle. By doing this, you are also going to be able to help out those people who need specific advice! The second way to make side hustle money is by creating digital tools and assets such as templates for your niche. For example, there is a website for teachers called teacherspayteachers.com where people buy and sell things like lesson plans, in-class activities, and worksheets. If there are no designated sites for your niche, you can also create your online store through websites such as but not limited to Shopify, Wix, or WordPress. Clickbank is also a very popular marketplace on which you can sell digital products. Besides setting up shop and getting your name out there potentially taking a bit of work, creating these digital products can be an easy way to bring in some additional income especially if they are something you have already designed for your job! The best part about this method is that if your digital products are evergreen, which means they will not soon become outdated, your creations can continue to see sales well after you create them and generate passive income for you. The third method you can make money with using your expertise is writing ebooks. The most well-known technique of doing this is by uploading and distributing your books through Amazon Kindle Publishing. One topic you can quickly write about if you are a professional is how to get started and become successful in your niche. For instance, something that can work exceptionally well is how to prepare for a professional exam or certification. Like with creating other digital products, the best part about writing books is that they can generate passive income for you for a very long time as long as their contents continue to be relevant. The fourth method is to sell online courses. These need to be done in a video format and so require many polishes from not just a content relevance standpoint but also audio and visual quality. However, online courses are among the most marketable and profitable digital products you can create. As an expert in your field, you know about not only its latest trends but also the most common hurdles people have to overcome to succeed, and the best online courses will capitalize on those aspects. The most popular platforms to host them are Udemy and Teachable. Udemy promotes your classes for you and is generally suitable for beginners. However, Teachable offers a much higher level of customization including being able to grow an email list. So if you are willing to do your marketing and promotion, I would recommend Teachable. Now, for a quick power tip, any digital content you have already created such as worksheets, templates, and writing can be recycled and implemented into or as bonuses to your online courses. This method can add any perceived value to your classes on your landing pages and convert more sales. The last side hustles you can do as an expert is to become an influencer. Nowadays this usually means becoming a YouTuber or social media influencer. As long as you consistently provide cutting-edge, unrepetitive, and in-demand value for people, you will inevitably be able to grow a following. I highly recommend anyone to do at least this, because with a following and the word-of-mouth you open up a plethora of ways to monetize, from doing affiliate marketing to just using the methods mentioned above to make money by promoting and catering them to your followers and fans.

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