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how to make 500 dollars a day: side hustle jobs

Five hundred dollars a day, that’s more than fifteen grand a month, and I’m going to show you exactly how to get started. In this article, I’m revealing two easy side hustle ideas that can each make $500 a day and you don’t need any money to start. We’re discussing the best ways to make money today on Let’s Talk Money. Beat debt. Make money. Make your money work for you. Creating the financial future you deserve. Let’s Talk Money. I desire to send a special shout out to everyone in the community. Thank you for taking a little of your time to be here today. If you’re not registered and not part of the community yet, subscribe to our email list. It’s free, and you’ll never miss an episode. I did a quick survey of the community a couple of months ago, just wanting to see where everyone was at in terms of monthly income. What blew my mind was that more than a third, thirty-five percent, are living on less than two thousand dollars a month. I got comments from long-time community member Burnt Taco that he’s had to get a second job to fight that consumer debt. David said he’s still trying to bounce back from a bought of being out of work. Two grand a month is not enough, not enough to create that future you deserve, and this lit a fire under my ass. We’ve talked about some great side hustle ideas and ways to make money in the past, but I wanted to put together a series of videos and some proven strategies that WILL make you money EVERY SINGLE MONTH! next three articles, I’m going to reveal six amazing ways to make money online. Understand, we’re not talking about working grub hub or those other gig economy ideas making $10 an hour. I’m focusing on legit business ideas anyone can create, ideas that make progressively more money to give you the freedom you deserve. I’ll cover two of the unique ways I’ve ever seen to make an extra $5a day in this video, two ideas that frankly I didn’t believe they worked until I tried them. . The first $500 a day idea we’ll cover, and this is one I’ve been using for a while is setting up buying funnels with affiliates. Now we’ve talked about affiliate marketing here on the channel before but what I ’m going to be talking about today is the next level. This system is going to take your commissions to the next level and put everything on auto-pilot. When I started using buying funnels on the blogs, I was making about $700 a month on affiliates. Not bad but not great either. When I started implementing what I’ll show you right now, my affiliate income shot up four-times in less than six months. I went from making that $700 a month to two or three thousand a month just on this one affiliate network. So the basics of affiliate marketing work like this. You sign up on a site like CJ Affiliates or ShareASale. These are affiliate networks that list the company’s products, and you can pick which companies you want to advertise. Each product comes with a link you can put on a website or social media post, really anywhere, and if someone uses that link when they buy the product, you get a commission. CJ is one of my best affiliate accounts though I do use five others regularly. Now I can click through to see what advertisers are available and there are thousands of these so you can find an affiliate for just about anything. We’re right in the middle of tax season, so I’m going to find some of these tax filing companies and see who’s paying a commission. I see that TaxAct has a program and this is an affiliate I already have a partnership with because I use the software and recommend it. It says you get a 15% commission anytime someone uses the software so I’ll make up to $9 every time someone uses my link and sometimes the company does bonus offers as well. The problem with affiliate marketing and this is a problem 99% of bloggers and people trying to make money are making, is that you might only get one out of 200 people that see your link to click on it and buy the product. Just spamming that link online means you need massive traffic to make any money and this is something a lot of those people trying to sell you there how to make money with affiliates courses don’t want you to know. But I’ve found a way, by creating these buyer funnels, to rocket that conversion rate. Creating a funnel is going to mean maybe one-in-twenty people you reach is going to buy a product and you make ten-times the commissions. The way this works is you create a article or a blog post about a problem people have that this product solves. Now I’ve got an article on how to make a blog post that even someone that never writes, that doesn’t think they’re creative, that article makes it easy. Anyway, you’ve got this article or video that is bringing people from YouTube or Google with exactly the problem that your affiliate solves. For example, we’ll put together a video about the top ten mistakes people make on their taxes that get them audited. So it’s a catchy title, maybe plays on peoples’ fears of being audited a little and has the potential to get massive views. Most bloggers would stop there, link the affiliate somewhere in the article and wait to make that one-in-5005 sale. Let’s say the article get’s 10,000 views so that would be about $450 in those TaxAct commissions. Instead, we’re going to create what’s called a lead magnet. This is a free handout or checklist that goes deeper into that problem or that reader ’s need. For our example, maybe we create a checklist of the top five deductions people miss or just a tax prep checklist. So this is something people will want to see, and we can provide that offer in the article or with a link in the video. The checklist is free, so everyone is going to want it, and I’ve seen up to thirty or forty percent of people click through to get it. What happens, when they click through to get that handout, they sign up to an email list to get it. Now, this isn’t just an email list but a special one I’ve set up using ConvertKit which is a amazing email service I recommend to all bloggers. ConvertKit lets you separate email signups so I can make a group of emails that go out specifically for those people interested in saving money on their taxes. What’s going to happen now is those people are going to get a series of three emails. These emails are going to share some more information about how to save money on taxes, maybe how not to get audited and maybe some personal stories. What we’re doing is building that relationship with these people, we’re providing so much useful information that we’re becoming a trusted resource. In that third email, or you can even do a series of videos instead of emails, but in that final one, you’re going to talk about how you use the affiliate. In this case, I would share my experience using TaxAct, how I saw my refund jump more than a thousand dollars when I started using it. It’s tax season so there’s that sense of urgency and by this time, people are primed that I’m giving them so much great information. At this point; people are sitting there with their finger over their mouse waiting to click on that affiliate link. So with that same 10,000 views on that first article, we got maybe 3,000 people to get that lead magnet and in the email series. I’ve seen as high as 10% conversion on these, so we’re talking one-in-ten of those 3,000 people or 300 people clicking through and buying the affiliate. With our TaxAct example, that could be as much as $2,700 on that $9 commission! The best part about these funnels though is they are completely passive after you set them up. That TaxAct funnel is set up and making those sales every year without any more work on my part! So it doesn’t take many affiliates or many of these funnels to get to where you ’re making $500 a day. This is a conservative example I used with TaxAct. I have affiliates that pay out $150 for a commission and that people are buying every month instead of just during tax season. It’s a longer process than just spamming a link somewhere, but this WILL make you that extra cash and keep it coming every month. The second side hustle idea we’ll cover today, and this is one of my favorite passive income ideas, is selling stock photography on sites like DepositPhotos. Notwithstanding what a lot of people think, you don’t necessarily have to be Annie Lebowitz or a gifted photographer to sell on these sites. Bloggers like me are constantly looking for generic shots to use as a background for video thumbnails and in blog posts. You can look at one of these sites and see that most of the photos are just a setup of items, some even that you can create on your computer, but none are any masterpiece photography. The way it works is you create an account and upload your images. Now understand that they have to be a good resolution and some of these sites will reject as many as half of your images, so it’s a numbers game here. When someone downloads your photo for use, the site splits the fee with creators so you ’ll usually make from $0.50 to a few bucks each time. You want to upload your photos to more than one website, and I would recommend at least five or six to give yourself the best chance of making steady sales. Now there’s a lot of competition on these sites so you might only make a few sales per photo each month. As I said, this is a numbers game, but it’s one that progressively builds your income each month. If you’ve got 200 images uploaded to five sites and get even 150 sales per site, so even if not all your photos get a sale each month, you can still make over a grand a month. That might take you a few months to take those hundreds of photos, but it’s all passive income after that. Every group of photos you upload will make sales every month and continue to produce that cash flow. One tip that will make you more successful with this is to pay attention to what keywords and photos are popular on the websites. So images of food and fashion are always popular topics while popular keywords are money, pets, things like that. What you want to do is, when you’re uploading your images, use these popular keywords to describe the photo, so it shows up in the search. This is going to increase your sales and your income every month. Our next side hustle ideas are going to be HOT. I’ve found one idea to make $300 a day on YouTube without having to make videos and a way to hack Amazon. Those are both coming at you in our next video, make sure you smash that subscribe button, so you don’t miss them! We’re here Mondays and Wednesdays with the best videos on beating debt, making more money and making your money work for you. If you’ve got a question about money, scroll down and ask it in the comments and we’ll answer it in a video.