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how to make 1000 dollar a month online just by reading books?

Is it possible to make money online simply by reading?
The answer is yes, it is true!
In this article, and I am going to show you how you can start earning money simply by reading, anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month. Now have you ever listened to an audiobook? In your car, on your phone, whatever, it is a huge trend. People would much rather listen to a book these days than sit down and read it. Moreover, because of that, there is a huge need to get more books into an audio format. Moreover, big companies like Audible, Amazon, iTunes all of them provide audiobooks, but they can not take on the task of individually hiring people to handle all of these books, getting them moved over into an audio format. So there are companies like ACX. They will pay you to read books to transform them into an audiobook. Now, what is ACX? I am jumping to the computer, and you can see what I am looking at here. ACX.com is their website. They are a company that works with both the authors of the book and people that have the rights to the book and people who are looking to make money by narrating or reading the books. They work with Audible, Amazon, and iTunes so that these books that are going to put into the audio format from ACX are going to be available for sale on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. So let’s look at how it works. Head over to How it Works, and Narrator. You’ve got a couple of options for how you want to get paid. You can get paid just for doing the work.

online-jobs-paypalYou can get paid per finished hour rate for the book that you have read. Also, it is just upfront money, great if you need money right away. However, there is also royalty shares. So you can choose to be paid in shares of royalty, which could be great if you think a book’s going to be a hit, you want to make sure that you get royalties if you are going to read it. Because then you can make much money from it if it goes viral and there are many sales made. So to get started, you have to create a profile for yourself on their website. Moreover, then you want to upload a few samples of your reading books. You should listen to a few audio books if you have not yet done so, if you are not familiar with them, to get the feel to figure out how they sound and how people are reading them. You can upload an unlimited number of samples of you reading different styles of books. The more samples you include, the easier it is going to be for an author to select you to do their book. You are going to want to decide how you want to get paid, if it is up front or in royalty shares, and you are going to need to audition for a book. So we will go into here in a second how to search for books. However, you are going to find something that you are interested that you’d be willing to do and you are going to record a few minutes of the manuscript for the author or the owner of the book as an audition. If it is a good fit, they are going to make an offer, and you are off to the races. So let’s see the books that you have to choose. This archive is a full database of all the books that they are looking to make audiobooks. Over on the left-hand side, you see all of the things you can filter.
So if I would suggest, choosing the right sex here, so they want a male voice, they want a female voice. Onto the title filter, you can filter on more specifics, on the types of books that you want to work with, or the types of projects you want to undergo. However, what will be important, check under compensation here? They will filter all of these books based on how much they are willing to pay. So I would start with simply checking the top two, what is going to pay the most and also royalty share to see who’s available for royalties.

Investing For BeginnersMoreover, here we have a full list of books that you can audition. Now, will you get the very first book that you audition? Probably not! You are probably going to have to do it a few times and get better and better, but it is kind of a neat gig to get. If this is something that you can nail down, if you want to make money from home, and you love reading, and you love audiobooks, this could be a perfect fit for you. So it is worth learning and getting better and figuring out how to do it. So say you record Maybe ten audio auditions per week, Maybe that is your goal. After a few weeks, you will likely have a gig, getting better and better. They also have resources to help you learn how to be better at your trade and to get more gigs. Now we are a huge fan of passive income, and that is why I would highly suggest, if you do not need money like badly right away, definitely take a look at royalty shares, because you can start creating another passive income stream for you and your family, where money just comes in long-term for doing that work once upfront. Now, what kind of equipment will you need? Well, there is no cost actually to do this from ACX. However, you are going to need a microphone. However, the prices of decent microphones have gone down over the years. You can get a great microphone on Amazon from $30 to $60. You can get great audio equipment that will do the job for you. So if you love to read, I would highly suggest heading over to ACX.com, checking out what books they have available and start recording your very first audition audios.