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dropshipping best products to sell men’s clothing niche

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In this article, you’ll discover ten trending products to dropship in the men’s clothing niche in 2019. Besides, you’ll learn why these products are trending. You’ll also get Oberlo-exclusive sales data and tips on how to find your trending fashion products. But finding a winning product is only half of dropshipping. Selling it is another. That’s why I’ll tell you what marketing strategies will work to sell each of the products on our list. And I’ll offer some clever alternatives to working with Instagram influencers.

Don’t think men’s clothing is your niche?

You may want to reconsider. This niche has a lot of sales potential for the smart marketer. I’ll tell you why–and get into the products to sell–right after our intro reel. Hey, everyone, it’s Jessica from Oberlo. Today I will take you deep into dropshipping product research. In particular, I’ll focus on men’s fashion niche. Now, we talked about women’s fashion niche last week. In that video, I cited a survey that said women are more likely to shop online than men. That’s true. But according to a KPMG study, men spend more online than women do. Generally, men spend $220 per sale compared to $151 per transaction for females. Dropshipping is one of the easiest ways to capitalize on this market of male shoppers. With Shopify and Oberlo, it only takes a few hours to build a store, add men’s clothing, and start selling. No inventory necessary. But there are two keys to success in the dropshipping model: You have to find the right product, and you have to get good at e-commerce. I’ll show you how to find the right products today. But to get good at e-commerce, make sure you hit subscribe. We publish new videos every week to help you win the e-commerce game.There is a list of the best drop shipping products to sell in the men’s clothing niche. 1. Insulated Plaid Shirt First, it’s the insulated plaid shirt. This product is a winner because it adds practical functionality to an everyday plaid shirt. Take a look. This seems to be a regular plaid shirt. It even comes in 24 different colors and prints. But what makes these products unique is the orange fabric lining the inside of the shirt. That insulating layer keeps customers warm, eliminating the need to wear an undershirt or additional layers. That additional utility is why this product has gotten almost 1,700 orders in the past six months. Let’s consider for a minute approximately the different prints this shirt comes in. You want to make sure customers see every available print when they come to your store. Instead of hiding all these prints in a drop-down menu on one product page, create a separate product page for each print. This is easy to do with Oberlo. Go to the product on your Import List. Click More Actions in the upper right. Select Split Product. Select Color, and hit Split to 24 Products. Now you see every print of this plaid shirt as a unique product that you can import to your Shopify store. How does this tactic help you? First, it helps customers find exactly what they’re looking for. Second, having many product pages increases your chances of getting found through search engines like Google. Just don’t write the same copy on all those product pages. That’s called duplicate content, and it can hurt your Google rankings in the long-term. Alright, let’s move on to the second item in our list of best products to sell online in the men’s clothing niche. 2. Hooded Sweater It’s the hooded sweater. This may sound like a product customers can find in department stores, but don’t be fooled. There’s something unique about this product. This hooded sweater combines the streetwear style of a hooded sweatshirt with the grown-up polish of a sweater. But what catches customer’s attention are the sizes.

dropshipping best products  clothing niche

This product is available from size small to size 4XL. It may not be hard for male customers to find a hooded sweater. But it’s hard for male customers who wear bigger sizes to find fashionable clothing that FITS. That’s your unique selling point here. A hooded sweater is cool, but a hooded sweater in 4XL is a hard-to-find product that customers can only buy at your store. Even if you don’t sell this product, keep size in mind. Men of all sizes all have a hard time finding clothing in their size. And that problem is good news for you. Because when you sell clothing that fits small and large sizes, you solve customer problems. I’ve got more marketing tips coming your way with the next product. 3. Wool Coat It’s the wool coat. Do you remember that statistic I shared at the beginning of the video? I said that, on average, men spend more online than women. I’ll tell you why that’s important to marketing this product. This is a high-end jacket. It’s well-tailored and available in classic colors like brown, charcoal, and black. And you probably noticed that it’s more expensive than most of the drop shipping products we talk about on Oberlo. Even though shipping to the U.S. costs just $1.50, the coat itself costs almost $60. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell this coat. Just the opposite. According to that same study by KPMG, male customers are more likely than female customers to buy higher priced items online, such as luxury products. So go ahead–price this jacket at $100 or more. Just make sure that you nail your branding. To pull off those high prices, your site needs to look high-end. Use Oberlo’s business name generator to find a classy name for your store. Create a custom logo with Hatchful. And use Burst to find high-resolution images for your website. Of course, I’ll leave links to all these resources in the description below. Let’s keep talking about the best drop shipping products to sell in the men’s fashion niche. Next on the list: 4. Men’s Body Shaper It’s men’s body shaper. Shapewear is already helping women create slimming silhouettes. Now, body-conscious men are looking for the same product made just for them. This slimming undershirt is available in white and black. It can be worn under shirts of any color. It costs about $9, including shipping. I suggest you sell a product like this for at least $19.99 so that you make a few bucks per sale even after marketing costs. There’s a trick to advertising this product on Facebook. When you create your Facebook ads, target men who are likely to have gained weight. According to a 2017 study, men are more likely to gain weight when they’ve just married, had kids, or turned 30. Experiment with these demographics to find your ideal market–and sell them the ideal product for combatting dad bod. Let’s get to the next product: 5. Sexy Men’s Underwear Trending now is sexy men’s underwear. This product is a bit more revealing than your typical boxer briefs. Just in case you’re watching this video in a public place, I won’t share a screenshot. But I will leave a link in the description below. This is a great product to drop ship because it’s not the kind of thing men buy in-store. Your customer might be in the market for sexy underwear, but he might not want to face someone at the checkout counter. Marketing this product is a little tricky. Exposed buttocks are not permitted on Facebook or Instagram ads. You could advertise with a simple picture of the product itself, but that may not communicate the, um, appeal of this product. An alternative marketing strategy is to try to rank on search result pages. You can do this by writing blog posts that incorporate long-tail keywords. Write content for keywords like “men’s underwear styles.” That keyword gets 4,400 monthly searches. Include a list of underwear styles that you sell on your store with some text describing each style. That way you can convert searchers into shoppers. The sixth product on our list is 6. Lightweight Jacket The lightweight jacket. I was going to call this the spring jacket, but that would be underselling it. I’ll tell you why, but first, let’s take a look at the product. This jacket has everything going for it. It comes in multiple colors and is available in a wide range of sizes. And it’s a bestseller: in the past six months, it’s racked up nearly 6,000 orders. That proves that pricier products can sell. This jacket is about $24, but you can sell it for $49.99 or higher. Now, I would call this a spring jacket if I was marketing to customers in the Northern Hemisphere in March or April. But I would call it a fall jacket if I was marketing to Southern Hemisphere customers around that same time. To capture both markets, call this a lightweight jacket on your product page. Then, in your ad copy, mention that it’s perfect for spring if you’re marketing to American and Canadian men. And mention that it’s perfect for fall if you’re marketing to customers in Australia or New Zealand. No matter what your local weather, you’re going to want to bundle up for this next product. 7. Tech Gloves Its tech gloves. If you sell these, there’s something you should know about the buying habits of male shoppers. But let’s look at this product first. These sleek gloves keep hands warm. They also allow customers to their use of smartphones without taking their gloves off. Including shipping, these gloves come to $5. That means you can price them at $9.99 to capture impulse buys. Even if you capture impulse buys, a $5 profit margin may not be enough to cover and costs. But there’s good news. When men shop online, they have the tendency to be effective. That means they buy in bulk to save time. So when you’re selling to male customers, increase conversions by offering related products and package deals. If you sell these gloves, cross-sell related products. A customer interested in these gloves might be interested in other outwear accessories, like hats or scarves. Or he might be interested in phone accessories like phone cases and charging pads. Offering these products alongside tech gloves will likely increase your profits per sale. Moving on to number eight on our list. 8. Novelty Socks Novelty socks. They’re quirky. They’re trendy. And they sell well. Whether worn everyday or for special occasions, these socks add a touch of personality to any outfit. These novelty socks are great. They feature recognizable artwork, but drop shippers won’t run into any trademark issues when trying to sell them. Plus, these socks are less than $4 a pair. Go ahead and sell them for $12.99 and keep the change. The best thing about these socks is that it’s easy to find your target market. When creating ads on Facebook, target customers who like art history. You can even target customers who like the specific artists whose artwork is on the socks. That will increase your chances of getting impulse buys from art buffs. Let’s move on to product number nine. 9. Gym Pants Its gym pants. The athleisure trend has already taken the women’s clothing niche by storm. Now men are hopping on the bandwagon. This product fits in the men’s athleisure niche. It’s functional enough to wear to the gym yet stylish enough to wear on the streets. It’s priced under $13, and that includes shipping. Sell these gym pants for $24.99 to $29.99, and you’ll pocket a profit after ad spend. You can easily find Instagram influencers to market this product. But I’m going to suggest a cheaper alternative. Instead of approaching influencers, approach Facebook fan pages for fitness celebrities. For example, fitness influencer Jeff Seid has 2.6 million followers. While that’s a great audience, few drop shippers can afford to get in front of it. However, this Jeff Seid fan page has respectable 7,000 followers. This is an audience you can probably get in front of. Send a message to the page owner and offer a discount exclusively for Jeff Seid fans, in exchange for a promotional post. It’s time for the last product on our list! 10. 3D Hoodies It’s 3D Hoodies. These hoodies are lightweight enough to be worn year-round. But what sets them apart are their eye-catching designs. This hoodie comes in several prints. You may doubt that a hoodie priced over $20 will sell, but the data proves otherwise. According to Oberlo exclusive sales data, this hoodie got over 2,000 orders in the past six months. To sell this hoodie, advertise it on a photo-driven platform like Instagram. This particular hoodie could sell well among street art fans. So look for Instagram influencers in the street art space and offer them free sweatshirt in exchange for a shout-out. Give the influencer a specific discount code to share with their followers. That way you can track how many discount codes were used and measure the ROI of your Instagram influencer. What products did I leave off this list? Leave a comment and let me know.

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