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Best business ideas 2019 – Make money by starting a food business in 2019

Best business ideas 2019 – How to make $500 per month? Or how to make $1000 per month? Or Even more?

How to make money by starting a food business in 2019
I am going to show you diverse techniques that you can create income from a single food product, or potentially creating a website with multiple food products, and I am going to explain to you how it works.
So you have your computer. Now, you want to create a food product. For example, in this article, I am going to do an example of just taking one food product, chocolate chip cookies.
Now, you want to sell those online, and you can sell them on Amazon, you can sell them on eBay, you can sell them on Etsy, you can sell them on Bonanza, there are many eCommerce sites that you can sell chocolate chip cookies, This is again just for an example.
So there is four of them right there, outlets online where you can sell the product. Now, from those four, what you can do it, you can go online and create your store. www.yourownstore.com, okay right? So you can create a website, sell your product on your site, www.yourownwebsite, that is five, five different places that you can sell a product, Now, you love cookies, you love baking, you love everything about cooking and sharing ideas, Maybe recipes, or just how to grow your own food business online and you want to share that.
You create a blog, and you start writing about it. Now I am just laying out, and here I am going to get a little deeper as to why you can make more money from these different things. You have social media sites, Pinterest, Facebook,
Pinterest, and by the way yes, you can make much money on Pinterest. Facebook, Google Plus, if you are not familiar with Google Plus, it is kind of like Google’s version of Facebook.
The only thing is that you have these things called communities, and on Google Plus these communities can have hundreds of thousands of people who share the same interest in one particular topic. Moreover, Some communities dedicated to chocolate chip cookies and baking, and they have hundreds of thousands of people who love baked goods. So Google Plus, so we have Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, And LinkedIn, and I am going to explain to you why LinkedIn can make you much money.
Not just networking and getting other people to know who you are, and putting up information about yourself and all your professional achievements, you can make money on LinkedIn, and I will tell you how. LinkedIn, Instagram, and website wholesale, Having a website and selling a product is one thing, having a website and offering your product in bulk for people to resell. You can provide a product in bulk or wholesale, and you can sell it by the ton. That has nothing to do with selling an individual order, or a 24 count of cookies, or a bundt cake, That is something that could be bought by a retailer or someone who is going to resell it or remake more money off of it.
However, you can sell a massive amount of that in a significant, large portion.
YouTube, you can make much money on YouTube. Also,
Now again, it takes time to do this, but I can tell you once you get these up and operating you are going to be looking in many different directions as to where is all the money coming from, YouTube, now let me break this down for you. It takes some work, it takes some time, but it is not hard work, it just takes time for you to sit down. Now if you are diligent, patient, and you want to learn how to do it, this, you can make chocolate chip cookies and sell them several methods. Moreover, again as I said, it is an example. If you are into hot sauces, you can sell hot sauces, it does not matter, Now let me explain how this, by the way, all of these are resources, are different sources that I use, and I have money coming in from all of these.
There are many benefits to having your site, yes. Is it challenging to get found on Google when you have a new website, and you are not familiar with SEO, which is the search engine optimization aspect of a website? Is it challenging to get found?
Yes, but when you sell on these, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Bonanza and all of these, and you have got a presence on YouTube, that site, you do not need to be an SEO expert. Also, the reason why is when you sell on these sites you have to label the products, you have to put them in a box, and you have to mark the box. As long as you put somewhere on there that you are www.imakecookies.com, whatever it is, people who buy here will come here. Trust me, they will, and if they can not find it, your website, on the packaging, they will Google you.
It happens to my site every single day, and these are the sites I use as a jumping board, as a springboard to get customers to come here if you are relatively new online. Because it is true, it is very challenging to get found if you have a new site. It is not easy, And that is okay because these sites do the work for you. How is that that they do the work for you? They have hundreds of millions, combined, of course, hundreds of millions of customers on their sites every single day, so I do not have to create a website that is so optimized and so amazing and so accurate and has the right words, it has everything, the keywords, and the photos, these sites have already done that for you.
When you begin to sell on here, this becomes very easy to find, Now, a blog, you are seemingly considering oh my gosh Damian I hear so much bologna about how these people make thousands of dollars a month on a blog, and they do it in such a short time. They are all in various areas. Get the eyes who come to my social media pages and click on the links, which take them to there, and they read your blog which takes them to here, then they buy things, and it takes them to here. All of this together creates revenue, and Now, on Pinterest, we average about 50 to 80,000 views a month. Will that happens in a week or a month or even a year? No, it is taken about three to four years to do that. However, about the second to the third year it began to pay off and since then it just, now it is paying off even more. However, it takes time, but once it is there, that is the thing about social media, is once your account is there and you have activity there, it is permanently there, it is drawing traffic, what they call organic traffic
It is taken some time, longer than it would be if I did pay for it, but it depends on your budget, So, Pinterest, I pin from my site up here, I take it and a pin on Pinterest. Images, products from here, I put them on Pinterest, So then on Pinterest, it draws the attention to click on the nail, which takes you to my site, and then you buy something, so it generates money.
So, does that make me money? Yes, it does. They do not necessarily transact and finish the transaction on Pinterest, but it brings them to my site. Facebook, everybody knows what Facebook is. The same thing, you get the attention on the Facebook page, and now, of course, you can sell stuff on Facebook.
We just began to get into the eCommerce aspects of Facebook, selling on and selling through Facebook and not necessarily getting only the attention. However, you can still use Facebook to get people to like your page, your product, your company, and then you can sell them stuff through Facebook. Google Plus, you can create a Google Plus account in less than five minutes, it is free. Why is it so important? Because there are so many communities, communities, or interests, people who have interests and like similar interests.
Moreover, I have found so many people who love baked goods and love this and love chocolate and love anything; I mean there is even a community based on pretzels. I mean we make chocolate pretzels, so I joined the pretzel community, as funny as that sounds, and then people from there, I get to add links to products on my pages, even on Amazon, eBay, Etsy. It is crazy. So that generates an additional stream of revenue through Google Plus. Instagram, again, you create an account on Instagram, you start posting pictures of your products.
You get people from your website to go over and to interact on Instagram, and Maybe you give them a ten percent coupon if you like and subscribe or whatever it is. Also, from Instagram, they click on it, and they know your company’s site. You can put a link to a website in your bio, in the bio part of your Instagram account, and then they can buy stuff. Another source, LinkedIn. Now, this is, really, really important. I wanted to explain LinkedIn because I use it in a way that most people don’t, many companies don’t, but it is, LinkedIn is a great place to interact with other people in your field of business. Alternatively, if you have a product or a service like let’s say you make chocolate covered Oreos in a gift box, there are many companies that interact on LinkedIn, So you begin to go in there, and you communicate and you become connected to other people such as corporate people or CEOs or buyers or food vendors, Then you start to put up a couple of links here and there, hey, we offer some tremendous B2B gifts, business to business gifts, corporate gifts, client gifts.
Many people have clients and customers, and they are always looking for something to give them. Well, you post a picture with a link to the product, Maybe on one of these sites, on LinkedIn.
Moreover, what happens is people see it, and there could be a guy in there who is the chief purchasing officer, or somebody in the marketing department that needs stuff for all the clients and needs five hundred boxes of chocolates, and guess what? You sell chocolates, and guess what? You probably just sold five hundred boxes of chocolate on LinkedIn, straightforward, uncomplicated. If you sell food products or any product for that matter, but of course we are about food. So if you sell a food product and you want to sell thousands of them to one customer, like a company, who would write you a check or swipe a card for two or three grand worth of product, go to LinkedIn, it is going to make you money. Some outlets will make you pay with your food product. YouTube, many you that are watching these videos, you May not realize this, but YouTube is not an entertainment platform, it is not some platform where there is a bunch of videos that you sit in front of that you just either laugh at, you cry, or you listen to music, that is not what it is. It is a search engine. It is really a search engine, and obviously, Google owns YouTube, Okay, so the second largest search engine on the face of the Earth is YouTube.
Nowadays Youtube is similar to a search engine. You want to watch a music video. What do you do? You need to search for the video in the search box, and If you wish to promote your business, and you want to get it out there and let’s say you make gift baskets, people go to YouTube about gift baskets. Why are you not making videos about your product? They do not have to be long, and they can be two to three minutes. Please post it on YouTube and see what that does toward your business. I can personally attest that it does a heck of many ours. You put the right keywords in, you set the grand title, put some description, and guess what? In the description, you can put your contact information. It is a free commercial, the only thing it costs you is using one of these cameras, about 8 to ten minutes, or a little more of your time, some little editing if you want, and then you upload it and finished. Why are you not using YouTube? If you’re going to find on Google, what would you not use YouTube, Because then they can come to your site and then spend money, so that is another source? Does this make me money? Yes, I mean aside from marketing food online, There is a significant number of channels on YouTube, And they all make money. YouTube can earn you money for your food product. Wholesale, now if you have one of these, which is your company site, you can sell wholesale, or bulk, however you want to name it, If you make pretzels and you want to sell 10 pounds of pretzels, obviously that is not an average size order, that is bulk, so you can sell ten pounds of pretzels on your site.
Just create a listing. Moreover, the listing says ten pounds of pretzels. You do not have to use the word wholesale; you do not have to use the word bulk in the title or the description. You can, on eBay, sell. If you make pretzels, sell on eBay, put reasonable price point and sell it in bulk, So you open yourself up, not just for the small orders of like you know, where people can buy them and resell them in their little gift shops or something? Make it, sell it, make the listing.
Because then that opens you up to selling to businesses on a bigger scale, not just individual items. That is a whole other form of revenue. That is wholesale, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, and I am not aimed to get into much detail. Because they are just platforms that you can make money, you can sell products on; Therefore you are capable of creating different places, different ways, of making money off of a food product. Moreover, again you do not have to have hundreds of different items. If you are good at making any sauce, you can sell that sauce this way, using this plan. There is no reason why you can not. It is the same thing. Wholesale, you are like well how can I sell? Offer 60 dozen, or 28, a case pack of your sauce for two, one hundred dollars, whatever it is a bottle, whatever it is. So you can sell it that way. However, you can sell it individually too on these. Be creative, these different ways to get creative, to draw people into your product. It all comes back to here, to your computer, your laptop, whatever it is. All these different avenues can be brought together to sell your food product, so do not limit yourself as to how you can make something, how you can sell it. Open up your eyes and look at all these different ways you can do it, and once you bring these together, that is how I have various sources of income.